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Richards Sandy Partnership Ltd
If you die without having made a Will, the distribution of your estate is determined by the laws of intestacy. This will mean that the people you would like to benefit when you die almost certainly won’t benefit in the way that you would have wished. There are some circumstances that may even mean that your estate passes to the crown! Half of the adult population do not have a Will… don’t be one of them.

The process involved an initial meeting with you to take your instructions and discuss any tax implications arising. Once this is agreed the Will is drafted by our associates, a professional Will writing firm, and sent to you for review. We then hold a final meeting with you to ensure that your wishes are properly and clearly expressed and sign the Will.

Executor services

We can also offer our executor services where we are appointed professional executors in your Will, authorising us to act alongside your family in dealing with your estate.

Storage of Wills

We are able to provide a secure storage facility for your Wills and other related documents. This means that your executors do not have to search through your paperwork but can just contact us for a copy of the Will. It also means that your Will cannot be lost, accidently destroyed or tampered with.

Inheritance tax planning

While helping you to prepare your Wills we will also be able to talk to you about how you may be able to minimise the Inheritance tax that your estate will suffer. As well as being Chartered Certified Accountants, we are also a practice of Specialist Tax Advisers and our qualified tax team will be able to provide you with a sensitive, but effective, tax planning service

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